Return Instructions

To exchange or return our products, you only need to download the Online Return Form and follow the filling instructions:

1. Order No.: fill in the order number associated with the product you want to return (example: # 1001);

2. Customer Data: fill in the name, shipping data and contact details associated with the delivery of your order;

3. Products to return: indicates the model, size, and reason for the product you want to return.

3.1 If you wish to exchange, indicate the product you want to receive in "Reason" (model - color - size)

4. Date: put the time on which you placed the order;

5. Save the document with the #encomenda.pdf (example: # 1001.pdf);

6. Send an email to with the following data:

     6.1 Subject: Return / Exchange # Order No. (example: Return # 1001 / Exchange # 1001);

    6.2 Attach the document to the e-mail and send it.