About the brand Sanjo

In 2019 SANJO was acquired by M2BEWEAR located in Rua 5 de Outubro nº484 | 4700-260 - Braga with NIF 514475188, a trading company from Braga, with reference shareholders, with a large experience in logistics, production and retail. Currently SANJO is based in Braga where all areas of development and support of the brand are located and with production located in Felgueiras, with a production partner.

All SANJO's services are located in the city of Braga, in Northern Portugal.

E-mail: info@sanjo.pt
Telephone: + 351 253 036 188
Address: Rua 5 de Outubro nº 484 | 4700-260 - Braga | Portugal

All Sanjo sneakers are manufactured in Felgueiras. All of Sanjo's production is currently in Portugal. The entire production cycle is 100% Portuguese, from raw materials to labor. We intend to make Sanjo a 100% Portuguese brand because of the history it carries it wouldn't make sense for us to be made somewhere else, with other materials, or by other hands. It is not only a product made in Portugal, but a 100% Portuguese product.

SANJO returns with a new attitude: we intend to work the duality of the old and the new, bring the classics to the present day and continue to work the legacy that SANJO carries. We make sneakers 100% made in Portugal, focusing on quality, creating exclusive products and a unique DNA that Sanjo has carried for over 80 years.

We deliver more than sneakers: we deliver a legacy that we want the Portuguese to be a part of, ultimately making SANJO the Portuguese sneaker brand, spread internationally.

1. bring SANJO back home, for all the limitations we had in moving the production process;

2. To put SANJO back on the level we consider to be the one where it fits and make SANJO a legendary brand;

3. Make our customers more than just users, someone who belongs to a community, who is part of our legacy, who participates in our history and who reinvents themselves through iconic sneakers, with exclusive DNA and 100% Portuguese quality.

In terms of visual identity, the main goal was to maintain and respect the original model in order to deliver it just as it was designed in its first conception and in its origin.

In terms of quality, there was a mandatory improvement process that forced us to gather some efforts in order to meet what we wanted:

1. bringing production from other countries, namely Spain or China, to Portugal forced us to make some decisions about the production process It was imperative to abandon the vulcanization of the sole, a production method that no longer exists in Portugal due to environmentalist policies. The sole is now glued, a more environmentally friendly method, when compared to the previous procedure. This change allowed us to reduce the brand's ecological footprint, making SANJO a 100% national brand - from its origins to its final product. It was undoubtedly the biggest challenge we faced and it fills us with pride to have managed to get to the final product just as we envisioned.

2. Bringing production to Portugal and choosing to build the new K100 and K200 with a technique other than vulcanization required developing the soles from scratch, a process that went back and forth until we reached the final sole, as well as from the point of view of modeling the vamp, where we were very careful so that the modeling respected the legacy that these two models carry.

3. Another challenge was to add value and quality to SANJO. This implied abandoning the printing techniques that the sneaker had, such as in the sole or the palm and replace everything by textile labels, with greater durability and more aesthetic. The eyelets and linings were replaced with visually identical but higher quality materials. The new K100 and K200 now come with an inner lining to make the foot more comfortable, and for the Fall/Winter releases we added an inner foam to promote the warming of the foot, significantly increasing comfort for the colder days.

We are back the same, but different. More than what you see is what you feel, know"Our Iconics".

To talk about SANJO is to talk about K100 and K200. In order to celebrate the importance they had in building SANJO as a brand, we decided to affectionately call these models "Our Iconic", because they are truly that, the icons of Sanjo, its original copies, the stars of Sanjo.

SANJO's legacy is the greatest responsibility we proudly carry, and as such it only made sense to continue writing this story preserving the most distinctive thing we have -"Our Icons".

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If you have such a need, please contact customer support at info@sanjo.pt so that we can help you indicate the best alternative, taking into account your request and the status of your order.

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Yes, you can exchange your order up to 14 days after receiving it, as long as the products maintain their original characteristics and show no signs of use. To make an exchange you only have to: Access our portal, insert the order number and the email you used for your order. After filling in the data on our portal, you should wait for a second email with all the information about the shipment. For deliveries in Portugal and Spain, Sanjo assumes the exchange at no additional cost, once, for each order. To exchange orders sent to the rest of Europe, the return costs are borne by the customer, but Sanjo assumes the costs of the second shipment. For exchanges and returns from countries outside the European Union, you cannot send the item before contacting the customer support service, via the email info@sanjo.pt. In this way, the customs process is facilitated. Once we receive the returned product, we will ship the new requested product. The exchange can be carried out automatically by size and is subject to stock availability at the time we receive the return. If you want to change the color or model, you should contact the customer service, via the email info@sanjo.pt. If the returned items show signs of use, SANJO reserves the right not to accept the exchange.

Yes, you can return your order up to 14 days after receiving it, as long as the products maintain their original characteristics and without signs of use. To make a return all you have to do is:

- Download and fill out the Online Return Form and send it to the e-mail info@sanjo.pt with the order number in the subject of the e-mail. In case the payment of the order has been made through MBway or Multibanco References, you should mention, in the same e-mail, the Iban to which you want the transference of the return value to be made. (In case the payment has been made through Paypal or Visa, the refund of the returned items is made in the same payment method chosen for the purchase after the reception and conformity check of the returned product).

- Then, you just have to deliver the returned product to a CTT Post. For orders delivered in Portugal and Spain, there is an Easy Return label inside the box of the shoes. You must deliver it to the ctt post along with the returned product.

- The postage costs are not refundable in cases where shipping costs were applied.

All returns should be made to:
SANJO | Rua 5 de Outubro nº 484 | 4700-260 - Braga | Portugal

If the returned items show signs of use, SANJO reserves the right to not accept the return and refuse a refund.

NOTE: For exchanges and returns coming from countries outside the European Union, it is extremely important to indicate, at the post office, that the delivery of the item is due to an exchange or return. This will facilitate the customs process.

See instructions for filling out the online return form here.

The refund will be made per order using the payment method used at the time of purchase. If the method of payment was MBway or Multibanco references, bank transfer will be made.

SANJO is only responsible for products sold by M2BEWEAR, Lda, the current owner of the Sanjo brand.

Consult the General Terms and Conditions for more information about SANJO and you can also consult the Online Dispute Resolution centers.

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RETURN OF GIFT CARD PURCHASES: If you return an item that was originally purchased with a Digital Gift Card, any outstanding refund will be returned to the Gift Card.

If you want a refund of the Gift Card amount, it can only
be made to the Gift Card purchase holder and to the same payment method used for the purchase. The refund will only be possible if the Gift Card return period is still active.


You can check which size is right for you in our Size Guide.

Measure the length of your feet from the heel to the tip of your big toe. Do this for both feet.
You should be guided by the foot that has a larger measurement.

Check the UK size displayed on the shoes you normally wear.

Cross-reference this with our size chart.

If you are still in doubt about which size you should order, please contact us at info@sanjo.pt We will be happy to help you.

Usage and maintenance tips for your Sanjo

Our shoes are designed for casual use. It is not designed to be used for any kind of sport. Keep your Sanjo shoes stored in a place without humidity for better conservation.

Care Instructions

WashingUse neutral soap, without bleaches or detergents. Clean only the external part. After cleaning, remove the soap with a damp cloth.

Never use a washing machine or leave your Sanjo shoes soaking or rinsing under the tap. Always use as little water as possible.

To dry, place your Sanjo shoes in the shade, sole side down. Never use a dryer, hair dryer or oven. Never expose them to intense heat.

To reduce odors from perspiration, let your Sanjo shoes air out in the shade for 12 hours after use. It is also advisable to use antiseptic on the footwear.